Featured Bag Friday: Louis Vuitton Speedy Golden Arrow

Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy Friday!  Today's featured bag is one of my most used and most practical bags.  It's the Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy Golden Arrow.  This particular bag was part of the Fall/Winter 2012 collection and was a limited edition piece.  I love how it's a different take on such a classic bag - the Monogram Speedy 30.  This is about the same exact size as a 30, but features enough noticeable differences to distinguish it from the most common handbag we see on everyone's arm.

I've said this before, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am a huge fan of low maintenance bags.  The black, pre-treated leather trim and handles make this bag fall into that category for me.  I live in New England and the weather is so unpredictable, so having a handbag that can get a little rain or snow on it and not get ruined is a priority of mine.  

I found these cute little charms when I was in Atlantic City a few years ago and I attached them to the zipper pull and haven't taken them off.  The two G's stand for the name of my business.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's bag! 

Stay fabulous xoxo,

Featured Bag Friday: Fendi Monster

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hi!  Sorry for my hiatus and failing to participate in my first blog challenge - looks like I won't be attempting that again for a while, no wonder it's called a CHALLENGE.  The holidays were insanely busy for me, therefore my lack of posting.  I hope everyone had a nice holiday season.  Now that things have slowed down a little bit, I am back to blogging.  I figured what better way to start things off than with a FBF post - featuring my new {to me} Fendi monster bag.

Okay, so let's talk about the bag.  I spotted this beauty on the Instagram of one of my favorite YouTubers - Jenn G of Ell and Emm {she has a jewelry/accessory line too}.  By the time I saw the bag, it was already sold out everywhere and was discontinued.  I scoured Fashionphile and other second hand sites hoping it would pop up, but I had no luck.  There are many different variations of their monster bags, but I had my heart set on this exact one.

Fast forward to right after the new year and I saw that Jenn {the YouTuber I mentioned} was having a blog sale and she was selling some of her designer items AND this bag was for sale.  I was so excited and immediately emailed her to buy it.  She even threw in the cute faux fur pouf {pictured} that she used when she had the bag.  

What I was most excited about was the tag on the front {not pictured} can be hot stamped from a Fendi boutique.  If you're not familiar with hot stamping, people usually get their initials stamped to make the item more personal.  She chose to have little monster eyes stamped on it.  Not only are they adorable, but it worked out perfectly when she went to the sell the bag.  As small of a detail as it is, I may have been a little more hesitant to buy the bag if it had someone else's initials on it.  

This is the Fendi Petite 2jours bag in case anyone is interested.  The pouf can be purchased on her website: www.ellandemm.com!

Stay fabulous xoxo,

December Blog Challenge: A Day In The Life

Thursday, December 3, 2015

I had such high hopes for today's blog post, but of course life got in the way.  I was going to take a picture of my three dogs this morning as I was getting ready for work and then head to Starbucks to take a picture of my macchiato like a complete basic bitch.  But I got up late, rushed around to get ready and flew to work.  But you know what?!  That's a typical day in my life.  

My week days usually consist of checking both my personal and work cell phones when I wake up and answering texts and emails while I have my morning coffee.  All while I'm doing this, I'm feeding the dogs and letting them outside.  This morning I had some laundry to do, so I managed to squeeze that in before I head out the door.

Since I wasn't on time and the nearest Starbucks is 15-20 minutes away from me, I opted to go to a local bagel shop that serves some pretty great coffee.  As I'm on my way to work, I get a text from a client saying they're there for their appointment at 11:15 and the door is locked.  Well, I had them scheduled for 12:00, but accidentally confirmed them with the time of 11:15 - don't know where I got that from!

The rest of my day will consist of working and then I'll head home to my husband and fur babies.  My day is pretty boring to some, but that's the way I like it!  What's a day like in your life?!

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Stay fabulous xoxo,

December Blog Challenge: Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yay! Today is the first day of my December blog challenge.  Today's post is: Meaning Behind Your Blog Name.  This one is super easy for me - and probably pretty obvious for everyone else.  I am obsessed with handbags and my love for them is quite evident.  The name of my blog came easy for me because I knew I wanted the focus of it to be on purses and accessories.  I literally wanted a "page" dedicated to bags, and there you have it - The Bag Page.

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Stay fabulous xoxo, 

Cyber Monday: What I Ordered

Monday, November 30, 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I'm off today, so naturally I'm on the couch in my PJs shopping online - AND it just so happens to be Cyber Monday.  My email inbox was overloaded with sale emails, but what caught my eye was Wildfox's sale.  

If you use the code: NEBULA, you get 30% off everything, including all sale.  I bought the four shirts pictured above and they were all already marked down.  I ended up paying $166 FOR EVERYTHING with shipping + tax.  Anyone who is familiar with Wildfox knows that is a huge deal.  Did you do any shopping this Cyber Monday?  What did you get?!

PS - stay tuned because tomorrow is day one of my December blog challenge! 

Stay fabulous xoxo, 

Saks Sale: My Picks

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Saks is having an awesome sale right now and these are my faves!  Can you guess which one I just ordered?!  The Givenchy striped Antigona tote is 30% off right now and the Gucci Soho is 50% off.  

If you guessed the Givenchy - YOU'RE RIGHT!  I have been eyeing this bag for a while, but never got around to getting it.  When I found out it was on sale, I knew I HAD to have it.  It hasn't come in yet, but I have a feeling it will be making its way to one of my Featured Bag Friday posts sometime soon! 

Stay fabulous xoxo,