Feeling Very Vuitton

Monday, March 2, 2015

Just because it's snowing and 20 degrees out all winter doesn't mean you can't be stylish, right?!  By now it's obvious I have a Louis Vuitton obsession.. and today, I am all decked out in LV on this snowy New England Monday.  

I got the rainboots a few years back + they are AMAZING.  A little pricey for a pair of boots, I know, but the quality is outstanding!  I wear them all winter + rainy spring long and they still look brand new.  

Now on to THE BAG! My bag of the day is the Vernis Alma GM in pomme d'amour.  I purchased this when I was in Rome at the Maison.  It was my Holy Grail bag at the time (all bag lovers will appreciate that your HG bag changes a lot) and to be able to buy it in Italy at the Maison was literally a dream come true.  

They've since changed the sizing on the Vernis Almas, so the GM is not available anymore.  However, it does come in BB (small), PM (medium) + MM (large).  There isn't a huge size difference between the now discontinued GM and its replacement, the MM.  It's only a matter of a few inches and the bags would have to be side by side for one to even notice.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week and if you're stuck in New England or anywhere snowy, you stay safe + warm!

Stay fabulous xo,

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