Calling all PSL fans!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Instagram - because let's face it, aren't we always?! - and I saw someone post a picture of this AMAZING knit PSL coffee cup sleeve.  Apparently, the Starbucks goddesses created a secret society just for us pumpkin spice latte lovers.  Can we say basic bitches unite?! 

All I had to do was retweet @TheRealPSL by tagging a friend and fill out a form and they promised me I would become a member of this so-called pumpkin loving society and my sleeve would be on its way to me.  They weren't lying! To be honest, I totally forgot about it until my package arrived.  

The sad news is, it looks like they are completely sold out of sleeves.  I would keep checking their website and keep your pumpkin flavored fingers crossed in hopes that they'll restock!  If not, there's always next fall.. let's hope they make this a thing again.  
{cute calendar not included in this magical free PSL treat - I found this at Homegoods}

Stay fabulous xoxo,

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