Sunglasses I Can't Stop Obsessing Over

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Aside from my obvious love for handbags, my second favorite accessory is sunglasses.  I probably own 20-30+ {maybe more, who really knows} pairs of designer sunglasses.  Up until I discovered Quay, I was over-wearing my limited edition Dior Mystere.  I kept seeing the Quay {pronounced "key", did you know that?!} all over Instagram + YouTube.  These sunglasses are so hard to get your hands on!  For months and months, I was checking Quay's website hoping they would come back in stock.  Finally, Urban Outfitters set out an email saying you could preorder the black and blue pair.  Obviously, I jumped at the chance to finally get a pair of my own.  

They came in only a few days before I left for my two-week long honeymoon in Hawaii and I was SO EXCITED.  I brought probably five different pairs of sunglasses on my honeymoon and I never took the My Girls off.  Fast forward a month after the honeymoon, and I was still wearing the same pair of sunglasses - which is so unheard of for me!  While I was away in Hawaii, I got an email from The Trend Boutique saying they got a limited stock of My Girl in different colors in - so I ordered the other two pairs pictured because obviously I fell in love with the style.

A few weeks after that, I got ANOTHER email from The Trend Boutique about the new Quay x Shay collection - it's a special designer collab that Quay does.  I own another {now sold-out} pair of matte black, cat-eye Quay x Shay and I am obsessed with those too.  When I saw the black + blue lens aviators, I obviously needed those in my life.  

I have not stopped wearing my Quay sunglasses, even though I have SO MANY other pairs.  If you're not familiar with Quay, check out their website here and get ready to fall in love.  The best part?!  All of these sunglasses were under $80 each.  The quality is amazing and they are super stylish!  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Stay fabulous xoxo,

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