Featured Bag Friday: Fendi Monster

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hi!  Sorry for my hiatus and failing to participate in my first blog challenge - looks like I won't be attempting that again for a while, no wonder it's called a CHALLENGE.  The holidays were insanely busy for me, therefore my lack of posting.  I hope everyone had a nice holiday season.  Now that things have slowed down a little bit, I am back to blogging.  I figured what better way to start things off than with a FBF post - featuring my new {to me} Fendi monster bag.

Okay, so let's talk about the bag.  I spotted this beauty on the Instagram of one of my favorite YouTubers - Jenn G of Ell and Emm {she has a jewelry/accessory line too}.  By the time I saw the bag, it was already sold out everywhere and was discontinued.  I scoured Fashionphile and other second hand sites hoping it would pop up, but I had no luck.  There are many different variations of their monster bags, but I had my heart set on this exact one.

Fast forward to right after the new year and I saw that Jenn {the YouTuber I mentioned} was having a blog sale and she was selling some of her designer items AND this bag was for sale.  I was so excited and immediately emailed her to buy it.  She even threw in the cute faux fur pouf {pictured} that she used when she had the bag.  

What I was most excited about was the tag on the front {not pictured} can be hot stamped from a Fendi boutique.  If you're not familiar with hot stamping, people usually get their initials stamped to make the item more personal.  She chose to have little monster eyes stamped on it.  Not only are they adorable, but it worked out perfectly when she went to the sell the bag.  As small of a detail as it is, I may have been a little more hesitant to buy the bag if it had someone else's initials on it.  

This is the Fendi Petite 2jours bag in case anyone is interested.  The pouf can be purchased on her website: www.ellandemm.com!

Stay fabulous xoxo,

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